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What Price = Peace of Mind?

July 10, 2010

What do you as a bride consider a reasonable price to pay for peace of mind on your wedding day? As a wedding planner, I know how many hours are spent in the background trying to make certain that your day is absolutely perfect from start to finish! Do you think a wedding planner is a luxury item or a necessity? Where does a wedding planner rank on your list of priorities? Is your wedding planner certified?


“Day-Of” Services?

March 29, 2010

Dream Weddings refers to this service as The Final Stage.

You’ve planned your wedding and suddenly realize that perhaps it might be a good idea to have someone oversee all the details so that you or your mom don’t have to worry about anything. So you go online and look for a “Day-Of” service. That’s all you need – you think.
After making the phone call or meeting with a wedding planner you are suddenly aghast at the cost to have someone come in just to make your day perfect!

Truths –
The wedding planner has no idea of what plans you have made to date.
In many cases, the wedding planner may never have worked with a vendor or two that you have hired.
In some cases, the wedding planner may not have ever worked at the venue and/or church.
In all cases, the wedding planner has no idea of what your vision is for your wedding day.
99% of the time, all things have not been completed and ready for the wedding planner to show up at your wedding and make it your dream day come true.

Facts –
In order for a wedding planner to come in at the final stages of your event, he or she will need to know all of your plans – including reviewing all of the contracts you have signed to date. There is no other way to know what you are expecting from the wedding industry professionals you have secured.
If the planner has not worked at a venue or with a vendor you have hired, it is in their best interest to meet at the facility or meet and/or talk with the vendor to introduce themselves as your “go to” person on the day of your wedding.
In order to produce and direct the wedding of your dreams, you and the wedding planner will need to discuss and do a site visit both to the church and venue to be sure you are all on the same page.
Any prudent wedding planner will have a checklist of things that should already have been done and will go through this list with you in enough time so that they can still be accomplished without stress before your event.
Wedding planners begin their weekend at your rehearsal and then again at the crack of dawn on your wedding day, and will not end their day until your last guest leaves your reception.
Wedding planners do not like surprises on a couples’ wedding day. There is but ONE chance to make it perfect and that is the ultimate goal.
Final Stage wedding planners will probably spend 50 or more hours on your wedding.
It is impossible to be a “day-of” planner and only be present on the day of your wedding!

Please understand that we are taking on the responsibility of one of the most important days of your life. Please set aside a reasonable percentage of your budget for a final stage wedding planner.