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What Price = Peace of Mind?

July 10, 2010

What do you as a bride consider a reasonable price to pay for peace of mind on your wedding day? As a wedding planner, I know how many hours are spent in the background trying to make certain that your day is absolutely perfect from start to finish! Do you think a wedding planner is a luxury item or a necessity? Where does a wedding planner rank on your list of priorities? Is your wedding planner certified?


Why a Planner?

February 12, 2010

Professionals are present at every major event in life! Doctors deliver babies, school officials preside at graduations, directors stage major productions, and licensed officiants perform marriages. The list goes on and on and in each of these events rituals are involved, using a system for each and carried out by someone trained to do so.
With the high cost of weddings and the time involved to pull all the facets together, it is all but impossible for a bride to do this while keeping her daily routine intact. A certified wedding planner is trained to plan and coordinate every detail of your wedding and oversee all to be sure you and your families enjoy one of the most important days of your life.
Is a wedding planner expensive? If you compare the cost of a wedding planner to the price of your wedding gown, musicians, photographer, videographer, wedding cake and florist (just to name a few), the money spent for a certified wedding planner becomes a small percentage of your total wedding budget.
As important as it is to save money, the major advantage of hiring a planner is the time saved. The legwork is done for you, always working within your parameters. You are not dictated to — you are offered options. The pressure of contacting all your vendors, coordinating their arrivals, your attendants, his family, your family, writing thank-you notes, etc., is overwhelming. Add to that the big day itself, and all the last-minute details that take place, and you will begin to realize what a task it is to plan a wedding.
Most important, before entrusting one of the most important days of your life to someone else, be sure you are both headed in the same direction — your happiness!
Most brides are unaware that a wedding planner might spend anywhere from 150 to 200 hours of planning time on a full-service wedding. This is time spent by someone who plans weddings on a regular basis. Perhaps you are just beginning to realize how important it might be to enlist help for one of the most important days of your life.
Enjoy the planning time during your engagement with your fiance and your families. Call Dream Weddings to set up an appointment for your initial interview and allow yourself the luxury of a dream wedding ~ without stress. Don’t you deserve the best?